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Luca Oleastri
Luca Oleastri
Freelance illustrator (contact:
Bologna, Italy


The nickname "Innovari" (meaning innovation or renewal in Latin) has been with me since I came across Syd Mead's prototype car design of the same name in his wonderful book "Sentinel." This work, with its air of "a new era of design"—along with the works of many SF and fantasy illustrators (such as Chris Foss, Peter Elson, Angus McKie, Chris Moore, Jim Burns, and Fred Gambino)—drove me over the years to do my own artwork.

"Fantastic fiction" always had a remarkable weight in my whole personal and professional life. I have been a professional SF author, I edited a fantasy and horror movie magazine, and for ten years have been chief modelmaker in my own special effects company.

In the last decades my creativity has leaned towards computer graphics and 3D illustrations in particular—with which I wanted to create professional artworks for books and magazines. I'm happy to say that in the last decade this objective has been fulfilled, with hundred of works sold worldwide to private and corporate clients.

Currently I'm building my worlds in Bologna, Italy, where I share a home with my cats Leeloo and Artù.

Luca Oleastri

This is my usual worldwide pricing and conditions for one custom book cover illustration
(Note: for bulk commissions such as card games, RPG's, tabletop games or other projects just ask because flat-rate prices are applied for the entire work)
- € 300 Eur (around $ 348 USD - Exchange Sep 2018) for exclusive use* in resolution for book cover print.
- Add € 50 Eur (around $ 58 USD - Exchange Sep 2018) for full wrap around cover for paperback with all graphic layout, title and writings.

My usual commissions work as follows:
- You send me a brief of what you need adding drafts and reference images.
- I confirm the price (it may differ if the work is very complex).
- After receiving a € 50 Eur (around $ 58 USD - Exchange Sep 2018) advance payment, I will start to work and send you via email drafts watermarked in low resolution. The work will begin and will be considered officially commissioned only when the advance is paid.
- After definitive approval of the images and complete payment via PayPal, I will send you the definitive in hi-res in jpg format without compression or different file format if needed.

These conditions are related to a single commissioned illustration.
Greater the number of commissioned illustrations in the same purchase order, lower their unit price.

* "exclusive use" means that you may use in exclusive the illustration for your cover, for promotional purposes and/or to produce promotional material (such as t-shirts, gadgets and so on) or any other way you want to use it.
Of course you do not have the right to resell the work to third parties as if it were yours, because I maintain the intellectual rights and ownership of the work.


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